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Corporate Fitness Programmes

Corporate fitness programme offers three different badminton programmes to help your employees improve their fitness levels:

  • badminton league games
  • badminton coaching sessions
  • organised company tournaments.


We cater for small teams of eight people up to over 100 people. All of our programmes are:

  • Inclusive: As badminton is the second most popular participation sport in the UK all employees will be able to take part and enjoy this sport, whatever their level.
  • Enclusive: Everyone will get the chance to network informally
  • Enriching: All employees will benefit from positive physical and emotional health

Corporate Fitness Programmes. Leading the corporate fitness agenda.


About the Corporate fitness programmes

The mission of Corporate Fitness is to improve your company’s productivity through improving the fitness levels of your employees.  We work in partnership with your company to design and manage a broad programme of badminton coaching and events which include:

  • Badminton Coaching sessions over a fixed duration with a designed coaching plan and practice games
  • Badminton league games for an individual team or the entire company
  • Company tournaments and one off events

The corporate fitness badminton programmes are the most inclusive, engaging and best of all fun programme that everyone can play whatever level.

They are run:

  • To suit all fitness levels and to encourage broad participation
  • To encourage a more active and productive workforce
  • To foster a competitive spirit within the company